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What we do

Everything works better when the design is based on how real people will really use them. I have the design experience and the user-centered approach to create usable software tools and web sites.

User research and evaluation

Do you know what your users really want? Or how they actually use your products? User research at the start of the project is the key to understanding how to design a user experience people will love using.

Once your project is under way, usability testing - with real people - is the best way to make sure your design is on track. In the field, in the lab, on the phone, self-directed.

Design strategy and information architecture

A good design process builds from initial concepts for information architecture, task flow and screen layouts...through wire frames...to a final tested design.

  • I can complete a design on my own, or work with you to bring additional skills and leadership to your development process.
  • A good design is not only usable, and meets your business needs, but fits within the implementation technology.
  • Ongoing usability evaluation throughout the design process ensures user satisfaction, and reduces the risk of expensive changes late in the process.



I teach workshops on user experience, personas, and storytelling.

My current workshop is Crafting Stories for User Experience Learn how to collect, create, and use stories to make your UX work richer

For a list of workshops, see Usability That Works. These are usually in-house, offering introductory and advanced topics that can be tailored to your needs.

Usability That Works: International Training in Usability and User-Centered Design



Photo: Whitney working on an affinity analysis


The proof is in successful projects. Take a look at some of my favorite projects and see what I've done for some other companies.


For more information about how I can help you:

whitneyq at wqusability dot com

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